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special care has been taken to prepare our campus for worship on sunday, and other events during the week.  we invite you to be part of the things happening here at thomas road baptist church!

Daniel Dennis, Senior Pastor

Sunday morning worship @ TRBC



Our Sunday morning worship services are a great way to start your week. Here are some answers to questions you might have:

What should I expect during worship? 

Our services include several things including music, Bible reading, a sermon (the pastor teaches us a lesson from the Bible), and time to get to know people around you before and after the service.  It usually lasts about an hour. 

What should I wear?

Our pastor wears a suit and tie.  Some people get a little dressed up, and some don't.  Some wear jeans.  Some ladies wear dresses, some don't.  Our focus is on what God is doing in the hearts of the people who come to our church - basically what's on the inside, not on the kind of clothes you wear on the outside.  

Are there activities for my children?

Yes.  During both the 9:00am English service and the 10:30am Spanish service we have nursery for babies, and Sunday school options for toddlers up through 5th grade.   We have ushers at the entrance of our main auditorium who can help you find the location of the children's areas.  Or your children are welcome to stay with you in the service if you prefer. 

What else should I know about visiting your church?

We believe in the power of Jesus to transform lives. We'd love to tell you more about that.  We also love to pray, so if you've got a need there is someone here who will be delighted to pray with you while you're here.  Your visit would honor us, and we'd love to have you.  Please contact our church office at 623-247-5735 if you have questions.  

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