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Breeze Church Online Login

Welcome to Breeze!

Breeze Church Online Community (Breeze) is the main communication tool that we use at TRBC. It is the way we communicate, organize and schedule people serving in ministries, keep updated on events happening each week, find people (church directory), coordinate needs with groups, do our giving records, and much more!  Because of the benefit Breeze provides for communicating and organizing the church body at TRBC, we encourage everyone who considers TRBC to be their church to use Breeze.

This tool is best maximized when people keep their profiles up-to-date, including -

  • Keeping your information (phone, email, address, etc) up to date

  • Uploading a current photo

  • Joining Groups on Breeze that you are part of in the church, such as your LifeGroup and ministries you are currently involved with

  • Setting your communication settings so that you are being notified and regularly checking emails from Breeze to make sure you do not miss important and time sensitive messages

Logging in for the First Time
  • You will receive an email titled "New Login Created" from Thomas Road Baptist Church at the email address you used on your Welcome Card.  

  • In this email, your email address will be displayed as a clickable link.  Click on your email address in the message and it will bring you to the page to set your password.  You pick and set your password on this page, you are not sent a password.  Be sure to keep the password somewhere secure that you can reference when logging in.

  • Click Submit to set your password.

  • It will redirect you to the Login screen where you will enter your email address and password.

  • You will then be logged on to Breeze.