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With new procedures in place, we could use some help.  Volunteers will need to arrive at church 30 minutes before the service (at 8:30am for the 9:00am service, and at 10:00am for the 10:30am service).  We'll meet togther to pray, clarify expectations, and make sure you're comfortable with your duties.  We will also ask that all volunteers wear a face mask - you can bring your own, or we will give you a disposable one to use.  Some positions will require gloves, as well.
Outside Greeter:
  • Stands outside the entrance to either the auditorium or the chapel. We need 2 people at the entrance to the auditorium, and one for the chapel until 15 minutes after the service begins.
  •  Greet people without touching.
  • Open doors for people arriving so they don’t have to touch them. 
  • Get English/Spanish speaking  attenders to the right place.
Inside Greeter:
  • Be friendly and help people inside the auditorium or chapel who need help finding a seat.  We need 2 people  the auditorium, and one for the chapel.
  • Help people who may encounter a problem during the service. 
  • Once the service begins, remain at the back door to monitor occupancy and seat latecomers.
  • Once the service is over, direct people to the correct exit so the cleaning team can clean up for the next service.
End of Service Sanitizer:
  • At the end of each service, pick up any items left behind, sanitize common surfaces, entrance doors, etc.
  • We need one person at the end of each service, both in the chapel and in the auditorium.
Mid-service Sanitizer:
  • Bathroom and foyer wipe-down during service. 
  • One person should be able to do this for both buildings during each service time to disinfect all common surfaces in the restrooms and foyers (door handles, faucets, counters, stall door latches, etc).
  • Helps us keep count of the number of people in our services, to insure we can maintain social distancing.
  • We need one of these for each service.
If you can help, please CLICK HERE to fill out a quick volunteer form.  THANKS in advance for your help!
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